and here are this years winners...

Best in Parade - Adult
Henry, as a Waiter, San Antonio, TX

Best in Parade - Child
Bookie as a Milkbone, High Bridge, NJ

Best Dessert Costume - Gretel as a Banana Split, High Bridge, NJ

Best Main Course - Benny as Spaghetti & Meatballs,
High Bridge, NJ

Best Side Dish/Appetizer
Avery as Shrimpy Shrimp Roll, High Bridge, NJ

Silliest Costume - Gina & Liam as Shepherd's Pie, Whitehouse Station, NJ

Best Team Costume -
Momo as Daphne & the Chow Hounds, Phillipsburg, NJ

Best Large Dogs - Tugboat & Anchor as Hailey's Italian Restaurant, Frenchtown, NJ

Best Small Dog - Sophie as Fluffy Nutter, High Bridge, NJ

Best Medium Dog - Mickey as a Taco,
High Bridge, NJ