The Ugly:   Teddy, a Japanese Chin, as "Teddy the Kid".
The Good:  Daisy, a Collie Mix, as "Daisy Mae West". The Bad: Kayla, a Siberian Husky, as "Prisoner of High Bridge".
Best Small Dog: Penelope, a Chihuaha, as "Cowgirl".
Silliest Costume: Lucy & Snow White, a Schnoodle & Pit Bull Terrier, as
"The Round Up".
Most Creative Costume:   Callie & Daisy, a Beagle & Miniature Poodle, as "The Cowboy & the Saloon Girl".
Best Large Dog:   Jake, a Great Pyrenees, as "Clint".
Runner Up to Best in Parade:   Baxter, a West Highland Terrier, as "Horse Pulling the Puppy Express".
Best Medium Dog:   Andy & Spin, an Irish Setter & English Setter, as "Indian & Cowboy".
Grand Prize, Best in Parade:   Scout, a Shih-Tzu mix, as "Westward Ho".

Next year's theme is Super Heroes and Villains, so start planning now!